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Valve extinguishing

Valve extinguishing
Guarantee 12 month
Made in Factory Vietduct
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Product description
Features of use:
- Extinguishing valve is fitted to prevent the spread of fire / smoke in the wind tunnel at the location pipes through walls or floors regularly.
- When the temperature rising wind, fire suppression valve closes to prevent fire spread flame through the valve closed off when the structure closed by an electric motor to operate after receiving a control signal from the probe temperature incorporating the send pipeline.
- Heat Detector sends control signals to activate the electric motor shut valves at temperatures of 72 oC (165 oF) as standard. The temperature at the request of customers.
- Normally, this valve is mounted directly into the wind pipe.
Materials used:
- Made primarily in galvanizing steel, stainless steel, thepden
- Surface finishing is corrugated galvanized surfaces, stainless steel, paint or possibly, depending on customer requirements